Remembering the Past

The reason that I chose this room is because I reminds me of my old grandparent’s house that they used to own. The reason that they don’t own the house anymore is because around 4 years ago, my grandfather died. And when he died, my grandmother moved out and now lives in a smaller house. The reason that this image is significant to me is because it helps me remember when my grandfather was alive. When I would visit with my sisters and cousins; we’d play games, stay up watching TV, and celebrate the holidays together. And when we would visit, I would talk with my grandpa about life and how we were doing. My grandfather was a good man, and I’ll always miss him. But I know that he’s in a better place and is watching over me and my family.

While I’m sure everyone does what they can to remember their loved ones, sometimes we don’t always know how. The website has a page that offers ideas on how one can keep their loved one’s memories alive (A link will be provided below). And the family and I do what we can to remember and honor him. On his birthday, we always celebrate by having the family come together for a light dinner get together; and on the anniversary of his death my mother and I visit his grave and plant flowers next to his tombstone. And while we started doing these events to remember my grandfather before I found this page, I believe that it can still help those who have just lost someone that they cared for.


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